Salvador Dalí – Welcome into my brain, 1. April 2017 - 1. January 2018

Salvador Dalí – Welcome into my brain,
1. April 2017 - 1. January 2018

Salvador Dalí – painter, sculptor, writer, director, designer, a revolutionary genius and one – according to him the only one – of the most significant figures of surrealism and the 20th century.


And why is a Baroque castle the most suitable place for presenting the exposition of the surrealistic artist, Dali? Because Dalí would love it. He adored castles, the aristocracy, - one of the most defining moments of his life was when he was ennobled by King Juan Carlos– his lifestyle mirrored the Baroque style.
The exhibition focuses on the illustrations made by Dalí for The Divine Comedy. He presented one of the most important books of Christianity through 100 coloured wood engravings. In the exposition visitors can also see Dalí’s illustrations for the Spanish short story, „Le Tricorne”, the novelette „The Old Man and the Sea” and other world literature classics.
The visitors of the exhibition will get a taste of the versatility of Dalí, they will learn what he has got to do with a lollipop, who should have originally designed the first Dalí perfume bottle and the master’s thoughts on what to drink at the end of a tiring day. Experience the feeling of walking around in one of his paintings and realize for yourself this famous saying of Dalí, who was well-known for his immodesty:
„There comes a moment in everybody’s life when they realize they adore me.”