Museum education

Museum education

Museum educational sessions

Our interactive programmes provide special and lasting experience for the groups of children and youths visiting us.  On these sessions they get to know our palace, Esterházy family, aristocratic life and baroque times through games appropriate for their ages.


 Our offer for groups of nursery and primary school children

Our sessions provide experience into the past with combining the elements of puppets and drama plays while the children are helped with motivating games to deepen, extend and organise present knowledge.  Items and puppets made during the interactive common game can be taken home being unforgettable presents of the palace visit.





Hide, hide green branch

Our offer for groups of upper class primary school children

The building and halls of Esterházy Palace of Pápa prove the baroque era.  Sessions offered for older children provide insight into the aristocratic lifestyle and help to organise and deepen their knowledge acquired during their studies.


 Cikornya és pomade

The earl couple is interested in getting to know those guests who are the most familiar with the baroque era.  Therefore a friendly competition is organised where the participants can show their knowledge about the baroque life, art, music, outfit and dance through funny games in two groups.

Duration: 50 minutes getting dressed included