Open, prices

Opening hours, prices

Opening hours, prices

The opening hours from 01. February 2019. are the followings: 


 01.04.2019. - 03.11.2019. except from Mondays the castle is open everyday from 10.00 to 18.00.

04.11.2019-31.12.2019. except from Mondays and Tuesdays the castle is open everyday from 9.00 to 17.00.

The castle is closed on 25-26.12.2019.

The castle is closed from 01.01.2020 to 31.01.2020.

The closing of the cash register is half an hour before the closing time of the castle.


Programmes and prices

If you buy at least one entrance ticket to one of our programmes you are gifted with one entrance ticket to our permanent exhibition!

If you have purchased
- tickets for 2 programmes you get  10% discount from the lowest prized entrance ticket
- tickets for 3 programmes you get  20% discount from the lowest prized entrance ticket
- tickets for 4 or more programmes you get  35% discount from the lowest prized entrance ticket

Guided tours in the baroque aristocratic interiors   
Full price ticket/ Adult 2.100,- Ft / person
Group ticket (more than 10 people)/ Adult 1.900,- Ft / person
Discounted ticket  
Between 6-18 years and over 70 years old
(With valid ID) 
1.200,- Ft / person
Discounted group ticket (more than 10 persons)
(You must prove the entitlement of allowed)
1.100,- Ft / person
Family ticket (2 adults + 1 child) 4.500,- Ft / family
Family ticket (2 adults + 2 children) 5.500,- Ft / family (900,- Ft / each plus child)
Photo ticket for guided tour 1.500,- Ft / person
Matisse exhibition  
Full price ticket/ Adult  2.100.-Ft/ person
Discount ticket (between 6-18 and over 70 years old) 1.500,- Ft/ person
Photo ticket for the Matisse exhibition 1.500,-Ft/ person
Combined ticket for the guided tour and the Matisse exhibition 3.600.-Ft/ person
Discount combined ticket for the guided tour and the Matisse exhibition 2.300.-Ft/ person
Combined photo ticket  2.000.-Ft / person
Craft workshop  
Bonbon making 1.500,- Ft / person (uniformly)
Other craft workshop on the basic of the quotation
Children from 2 years 1.200,- Ft / 2 hours
  800,- Ft / 1 hour
Adult with 18+ child  700,- Ft / 2 hours
  500,- Ft / 1 hour
Lego exhibition 500,- Ft / person

Exhibition of Antal Nemcsics, the colour researcher 

500,- Ft / person
Photo taking in baroque dresses  
Photo taking in baroque dresses 1.000,- Ft / person
Printed photo 800,- Ft / photo


Accompanists – tour guides, teachers, etc. – arriving with groups do not have to pay fee for the entrance ticket.

(Maximum 2 persons with a group of maximum 30 persons)


Other services  
Wedding photo shoot 50.000,- Ft/hour
Wedding in the palace 120.000,- Ft
Wedding in the palace + 1 hour wedding photo 160.000,- Ft
Birthday party 5-12 years

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